Our Hero is a combat veteran.  Having served our country from 2002 – 2010 as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman.  He is the recipient of the Purple Heart, the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Combat Valor Distinction and two Good Conduct Medals.  He is married and has four children.

“Dave”, was part of the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines – 1st Marine Division stationed in Afghanistan in July 2008.  They faced daily firefights and were highly watched by the Taliban. On July 21, 2008, three and a half months into his deployment, he and his unit were setting up a Taliban ambush. While they were successful there was a counter attack by the Taliban.  As a Corpsman, his job was to provide on-scene emergency medical treatment.

Dave could see a comrade was seriously injured about 20 yards away from him and started running.  He moved out of the safety of his unit in his singular focus to save his fellow soldiers life.  Dave stepped on an IED; he knew right away that he had lost his left foot.  His left leg was numb, his left hand badly damaged.  His right leg was shattered between his knee and ankle. 

His comrades applied tourniquets to his limbs and he and the severely wounded Marine were quickly loaded into an ambulance.  Sadly, the Marine did not survive, making the ultimate sacrifice for our country. There isn’t a day that Dave does not think of him.  Every time he puts on his prosthetic leg he is reminded of that day. For the past seven years, he has lived with Post-traumatic stress disorder as well as chronic pain from the injuries he received.

Dave received medical care at Landstuhl Germany, Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

While in care at the Military hospital system Dave has had 32 operations. 

Today, his right leg has an open wound where bone is exposed and infection continues to linger.  When he returned to his home in Phoenix, Dave faced an eight-month wait for care at his VA Hospital.  The lack of appropriate care for his right leg has created damage to the bone, lingering infections and a large open wound that measures approximately six inches. Unfortunately, Dave did not receive the care necessary to remediate the continuing problems with his right leg.

Restoring Heroes flew Dave to Miami to evaluate his right leg wound and determine if treatment would protect his remaining leg from amputation.

While in Miami over a three-day period, Dave underwent treatment by Baptist Health and received two MRI’s, CAT Scan and x-ray of his right leg.  He was examined by Dr. Jill Waibel, Dr. Charles Jordon, Dr. Joel Levin, Dr. Stacy Baker, And Dr. Jaime Flores of Baptist Health System.

The Team represents the following disciplines; Dermatology, Orthopedics, Reconstructive Surgery, Infectious Disease and Micro Surgery.

The plan is for the Medical Team to have a Multi-Disciplinary Consult to determine the best plan of care.  Initially the Medical testing indicates the bone in the leg can be salvaged, however, Dr. Jordon and Dr. Flores would do the best evaluation of the bone in an Operation. It is expected that this will be scheduled Late May.  Dave and his wife will come to Miami where he will undergo an Arteriogram and Operation to evaluate his right leg.  It is anticipated that he will have the Arteriogram at MCVI and one day later undergo Surgery at Baptist Health System with Dr. Jordon and Dr. Flores.  He will require a skin and muscle graft to close his open wound.

Baptist Health System will provide Housing and all in Patient care and testing.  While Dave has TRICARE medical coverage, the Doctorsand Baptist Health are providing their services to RESTORING HEROES pro-bono.