Restoring Heroes is a non for profit organization that serves military and first responders who have suffered traumatic scars, burns or amputations.

Our initial working group grew from Military Doctors, VA professionals, Private Physicians, and Social Workers.  It was evident to this group that limited government funding and access to advanced technology  and procedures was impeding the recovery of our severely wounded Heroes. These newer technologies exist in the private sector.  Restoring Heroes was formed to address this gap in care.  Our model is to partner with physicians and medical centers willing and capable to provide treatment not otherwise available to Veterans.

In developing our model of care we are focused on three main goals:

  • Provide treatment and support logistics for the Veteran and their family
  • Support cross training between the military medical community and private physicians to foster awareness of procedures that help our Veterans
  • Advocate for insurance reimbursement that will allow the newest technologies be available to our veterans

Treatment and Support

First, treating Heroes who had suffered extreme trauma with the latest technology to improve their range of motion, physical abilities and improved self esteem by improving physical appearance. We know that inactivity can lead to depression and obesity and diabetes. Our interest is in returning this group of Veterans to an active lifestyle.Many of the members of our Physician Team have access to the latest technology and were involved in the development of this technology. Our goal is to have a Nationwide network of caregivers allowing for greater access and better healing outcomes for our wounded post 9/11 Veterans.

Cross Training

Our second goal was to support cross training of Military Medicine, Our Physician group and Leading experts in the field of technology and advanced medical care.  Each year a Summit takes place at Naval Medical Hospital in San Diego, sponsored by CARE, a specialized group within the Hospital.  Last September trainings included face transplants and bilateral arm transplants. Our goal is to assist in bringing the Professionals with advanced skills to San Diego for these cross trainings.

Advocate For Insurance Reimbursement

Our third goal is to get insurance reimbursement initially for scar remediation by laser. Currently, this is non-reimburseable and is denying our Veterans who suffered serious scarring, burns, or amputation an opportunity to improve their healing, reduce nerve pain, improve their range of motion and self confidence.

We strive to provide:

  • Therapy for the Whole Self
  • Emotional & Psychological Support
  • Involvement of Family & Friends
  • Operate with Transparency to Our Heroes and Donors

Restoring Heroes has all medical and psychological services located within a five mile radius. This was done with the intent that access to necessary care does not cause further stress to our Veterans and their caregivers.  Our program also offers psychological support to family members using evidence based trauma focused therapy.  Our patients and their family members will be able to access continued support using SKYPE.